We master all stages from design to manufacturing

ATP is equipped with all the necessary means for the complete production of your technical parts and plastic sub-assemblies.

Through the RMT Group, we offer a global expertise in mastering all the stages of production and realization of your technical plastic parts: design, manufacture and assembly of your complex assemblies. Our Quality Department ensures a high level of control over the products supplied; we pay particular attention to ensuring that all our parts are rigorously checked to meet specific requirements and standards.  All our control and traceability procedures are perfectly established.

In order to master the entire information chain, ATP has an ERP.

From the price offer to the invoicing through the supply, production, purchasing, quality, maintenance, accounting, and delivery, we control the management of the company, improve our productivity and are able to offer the best service to our customers.

Specialized in the study of plastic parts, our engineers will be able to support you in the development of your projects. Equipped with CATIA V5 stations ©, our design office is in charge of the 3D design of your parts and ensures the mastery of the design and realization of the moulds with our moulding partners.
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ATP is able to offer you the realization of prototype moulds in order to test and qualify your parts before the launch in serial production. The pieces will be injected in «good material» and will be a faithful representation of your final pieces. The technical characteristics are thus preserved.
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Because it is unthinkable to propose the realization of technical parts with high dimensional requirements without mastering the control, ATP has equipped itself with a three-dimensional video-sensor measuring machine of high precision. This equipment allows us to conduct non-contact measurements, develop monitoring plans, and report measurements.


A subsidiary of the RMT Group, ATP is an integral part of a diverse set of skills and resources to support you in your projects at all levels.